Artist's Statement

A photographer is very much like a writer; both seek not merely to tell a story, but to engage people in an emotional journey. My photography is meant to be more than just a visual record of how things physically existed at a given moment in time. My goal is to present photographs that pull you into the scene, evoking such a visceral response that you feel as you, too, are there in the moment. My photographs are a record of my experiences and encapsulate moments and emotions that I want to share with the world.

Through photography I experience life more thoughtfully. I examine and investigate my surroundings more closely; I explore the world with a curious eye; I look for the potential of every scene. My photography is often a juxtaposition of intent and accident, for though I may plan a photograph in advance, very often the final result is discovered; it is a response to what is presented to me.

My hope is that my photographs awaken within each of you a deep, almost inexpressible longing; that they instill in you a sense of inner-significance; and that they inspire you to take your own journey and make your own story.